Digitimes reports that mobile phone maker Oppo may not reach its goal of shipping 90-100 million mobile phones in 2016. Digitimes says that Samsung Display cannot supply enough AMOLED displays to Oppo as SDC's production capacity is fully booked.

Oppo R7 photoOppo R7

According to Digitimes, Oppo originally aimed to ship 60 million phones in 2016, but later increased its aim to 90-100 million. I guess Oppo reached out to SDC asking for more AMOLED displays, but SDC already committed its capacity to other phone makers (in China and elsewhere).

Towards the end of 2015 Oppo announced the R7 (5" FHD AMOLED) and the R7 plus (6" FHD AMOLED). In March 2016 Oppo launched the F1 Plus (also known as the R9) with a 5.5" FHD AMOLED.

The R7, with its 5" Full-HD (445 PPI) AMOLED display, was available in the US for around $450 unlocked - but it is currently unavailable on Amazon.com - maybe Oppo would have produced more but cannot do so because of the tight AMOLED supply. Oppo's F1 Plus (also known as the R9) has a larger display (5.5" FHD, 401 PPI) and is now available for $530, unlocked.

Oppo F1 Plus photoOppo F1 Plus

According to Digitimes Research, SDC plans to ramp up its AMOLED production so that by 2019 will it produce 290 million OLEDs for Samsung itself and another 150 million for Chinese phone makers.