Samsung plans to use an 8-Gen line for OLED TVs "in the future"

Samsung are still keen on OLED TVs, which will be the "dominant technology in next-generation TVs by 2015". They will be the ultimate active-shutter 3D TVs. Samsung has plans to use an Gen 8 (2200mm x 2500mm sheet size) production line for the OLED TVs. There's no date or real commitment yet, but this will hopefully happen within the next few years.

Samsung 14-inch 3D OLED prototypeSamsung 14-inch 3D OLED prototype

There are still some technical issues to overcome. For their upcoming 5.5-Gen plant, SMD plans to introduce LTPS TFTs using conventional excimer laser annealing (ELA). TFTs formed with this technology often exhibit variation in characteristics, and this method might prove difficult in larger line. SMD is also working on other technologies: improved ELA technology, sequential lateral solidification (SLS) and super grain silicon (SGS). The company is also developing oxide semiconductor TFTs.

Reuters say that Samsung is set to launch their 7" tablet in this quarter

It's been a while since we heard some new rumors about Samsung's upcoming tablet computer. According to a story on Reuters today, Samsung will launch the tablet during this quarter - and it will have a 7" display (no word whether it's a Super-AMOLED or LCD) and will run Google's Android OS. According to the story, LG also plans to introduce Android tablets devices this year.

Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy TabSamsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab

iSupply: The 3.7" AMOLED in the Droid Incredible costs $31.2

iSupply has published a teardown analysis of the HTC Droid Incredible, saying that the phone costs $163 to make. They say that the AMOLED display (Samsung's 3.7" 480x800) costs $31.20. This is rather strange, as back in January, they claimed that the same display, used in Google's Nexus-One phone costs $23.5.

HTC IncredibleHTC Incredible

So maybe the costs went up (because of Samsung's short supply). Back in January, iSupply estimated that the Touch Interface costs $17.75. So maybe the cost of both the touch and the AMOLED went down, and now they cost $31.2 together?

The HTC Incredible is now shipping for Verizon's network in the US - and it costs $99 with a new service plan (if you want to use an existing plan, it'll cost $530).

Amazon announces a new Kindle, with an improved E Ink display

Amazon has just announced the third generation of their popular Kindle e-reader devices. The new Amazon Kindle is smaller, and lighter but still has the same display size. They are using E Ink's next-generation "Pearl" displays which offer 50% improved contrast.

Kindle 3 photo

There are two versions: Wi-Fi only and WiFi/3G. Both versions will ship on August 27th, and can be pre-ordered now. The Wi-Fi only will cost $139, and will come in Graphite. The 3G version will cost $189, and you can choose between white and Graphite.

Super-LCD compared to an AMOLED, Super-AMOLED display

Here's a nice comparison between Sony's Super-LCD (as used in the HTC desire now) and Samsung's AMOLED and Super-AMOLED displays.

The conclusion: "all the displays were really good, they all had decent color and respectable viewing angles. The super AMOLED was noticeably less reflective than the others and was blacker with the best viewing angles. Super LCD had similar detail in the rock face video and had a superior horizontal viewing angle compared to a regular AMOLED display. The AMOLED had slightly better blacks (you can't tell from the video - sorry) and slightly better vertical viewing angles. Both Super LCD and AMOLED were very reflective."

InZiv - Transforming inspection of OLED, MicroLED, and QLEDInZiv - Transforming inspection of OLED, MicroLED, and QLED