Samsung are still keen on OLED TVs, which will be the "dominant technology in next-generation TVs by 2015". They will be the ultimate active-shutter 3D TVs. Samsung has plans to use an Gen 8 (2200mm x 2500mm sheet size) production line for the OLED TVs. There's no date or real commitment yet, but this will hopefully happen within the next few years.

Samsung 14-inch 3D OLED prototypeSamsung 14-inch 3D OLED prototype

There are still some technical issues to overcome. For their upcoming 5.5-Gen plant, SMD plans to introduce LTPS TFTs using conventional excimer laser annealing (ELA). TFTs formed with this technology often exhibit variation in characteristics, and this method might prove difficult in larger line. SMD is also working on other technologies: improved ELA technology, sequential lateral solidification (SLS) and super grain silicon (SGS). The company is also developing oxide semiconductor TFTs.

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