APS Holdings to build an OLED microdisplay R&D production line, aims to reach 3000 PPI via FMM by 2023

In 2021 The Korean government launched a new project that aims to develop technologies for the production of OLED microdisplays for AR applications. The project is led by AP Systems (APS Holdings), and aims to produce a direct emission OLED microdisplay with a resolution of 4,000 PPI by 2024.

According to reports from Korea, APS Materials has managed to develop a 1,000 PPI FMM mask, and is now building a new R&D line that will be used to produce direct emission OLED microdisplays using FMM technology. The new APS production line will include OLED deposition and encapsulation.

The company is on track to develop 3,000 PPI FMM by the end of 2022 and the plan is to reach 4,000 PPI by 2024. The company is using unique laser patterning technology to achieve the high precision needed to reach 4,000 PPI.

Posted: Jun 17,2022 by Ron Mertens