Apple to setup a 2.5-Gen OLED R&D production line in Taiwan

According to reports from Korea, Apple ordered a 2.5-Gen OLED evaporation (CVD) equipment from Sunic System in order to build an OLED pilot line in Taiwan. The report suggests that Apple wants to develop in-house OLED technologies which will allow it to reduce its reliance on Samsung Display.

6-Gen Sunic deposition system

It is interesting to hear how Apple is increasing its involvement with display technologies. We know that Apple is also interested and involved with Micro-LED displays, and earlier reports suggested that Apple actually aims to produce sample displays in a pilot R&D line later this year.

Apple currently buys its OLED displays for the Watch device from LGD and for its upcoming iPhone from SDC. The company wishes to increase its supplier base but this is not an easy task as Samsung is the only company that can currently satisfy Apple's capacity and quality requirements.

Posted: Jul 24,2017 by Ron Mertens