While we're all waiting for Apple's first OLED product (which will most likely be the Watch), it turns out that the company has developed another novel technology based displays.

Apple flexible OLED speaker patent image

A new patent filing shows a new technology that turns a flexible OLED display into a speaker membrane. This is only possible with a flexible display as the membrane needs to vibrate. This is a cool invention that may turn any flexible display into a large-sized speaker. I'm not sure if this won't harm the display quality, but this is still a novel idea.

In past years we've seen several OLED related patents from Apple, mostly dealing with flexible OLEDs for mobile devices. In June 2012 for example, Apple filed for a new patent that describes a wraparound flexible transparent display that enables new form factors. In March 2013 Apple filed a patent that describes an option to include multiple transparent displays, overlaid on top of one another.

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