Apple files three OLED-related patents

Today we learned that Apple filed three OLED display related patents lately. The main patent (#20100321305) is about driving an OLED display structure that is integrated with a touch sensor (Samsung's Super-AMOLED is such a device, and we know that AUO is also developing an integreated multi-touch AMOLED). 

Apple OLED with an integrated touch sensor patent drawing

The second patent (#20100265187) discusses signal routing to an OLED structure that includes a touch actuated sensor configuration. The third patent (#20100265188) discusses the  integration of a touch actuated sensor configuration with an OLED structure.

These aren't the first OLED patent applications from Apple. Last month for example we learned about a patent that talks about using a flexible OLED display in Apple's magic mouse.

Posted: Feb 10,2011 by Ron Mertens