Acuity Brands launches two new OLED luminaries

Acuity Brands launched two new OLED luminaries, the Trilia and the Canvis. The Trilia is a modular lamp that uses either two kinds of models (the Tri and the Straight) to create unique network-like design. The Tri section model uses 24 OLED panels (1810 lumens) while the Straight section model uses 8 panels (603 lumens). All the panels feature an efficiency of 60 lm/W, 3500K color temperature, 15,000 hours of lifetime (LT70) and a CRI of over 80.

The Canvis is a flexible "sheet of pure luminance" that comes in 4 different configurations: twist, drape, screen and pose. The twist and the Drape use 66 OLED panels (up to 5020 lumens brightness) while the screen and the post configurations use 54 panels (up to 4100 lumens). The Canvis uses the same panels used in the Trilia. As far as we know Acuity is using LG Chem made panels.

Posted: May 16,2012 by Ron Mertens