Yole Developpement predicts a $1.5 billion OLED lighting market in 2021

Market research company Yole Developpement released a new OLED lighting market report (OLED for Lighting - Technology, Industry and Market Trends) in which they predict a $1.5 billion OLED lighting market in 2021 (up from nearly $30 million in 2015).

Yole Developpement OLED lighting revenue chart (2013-2021)

The company sees the general lighting market driving this growth. But for this to happen, enough niche markets have to be identified and accessed to create a minimum production scale that will enable price reductions. In addition, the advantages of OLEDs has to be clearly demonstrated to customers.

Posted: Mar 06,2016 by Ron Mertens


OLED lighting will definitely supplant conventional LED lighting.There will be debate about the timelines,there will be different variants then are currently seen in the many OLED lightings wares that are now commercially available...

But ultimately OLEDs and other Organic light emitting products will surpass the orthodox LED SSL.The place where that progression will be the most meaningful is in general lighting.