Sony logoSony will release a new VAIO Laptop at CES 2009. They have a countdown timer and a teaser line at Sony's NZ page - "On the 9th of January you will change the way you look at laptops. Forever”. In the inner page they promise "new VAIO Technology".

Are they preparing an OLED laptop? Soon we'll found out. There are already rumors about a Sony OLED touchscreen walkman.

UPDATE - The Sony NZ page is no longer accessible...



That would be COOL

If Sony comes out with a commercial OLED notebook PC during CES, that would be COOL!!!

OLED Notebook

I don´t believe that Sony bring out a OLED Netbook, because Netbooks must be very cheap and with an OLED Display this is impossible.

Obviously an OLED will place

Obviously an OLED will place a price premium. But Sony might try for the 'expensive-laptop' category - think of the great hype, the beautiful display and the added battery life.

It will also give great PR to Sony, again, like the XEL-1 did.