Will Samsung release a Galaxy Note "lite" with a 5.55" HD Super AMOLED?

According to a new leaked document, Samsung is set to release a 'lite' version of its Galaxy Note 3 phone. The so-called Galaxy Note 3 Neo will sport a 5.55" HD Super AMOLED display (seems similar to the Note 2 display).

It seems that the phone will be like an update to the Galaxy Note 2 - with a faster CPU and an updated Android version (4.3). It will also sport a 8mp camera and the same memory configuration of the Note 2 (2GB RAM and 16GB storage).

If this is true than this is very encouraging news. We heard reports that Samsung will adopt LCDs in upcoming smartphone in order to reduce costs. But if they indeed release a "mid-range" device with an AMOLED, it is a good sign.

Posted: Jan 09,2014 by Ron Mertens