Will 3D TV be the killer-app for OLEDs?

So 2010 is here, and we're still waiting for a real commercial OLED TV. While OLEDs are advancing quickly in smart phones and digital cameras, it seems that no one is willing to commit to large panels - OLEDs are still very expensive to make. Another problem facing OLED TVs is LCDs - in the past few years LCDs have gotten thinner, cheaper, more efficient and they look better.

One area in which LCDs do not shine, though is 3D. This was the hot topic at CES - many companies (including Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba and more) have shown their 3D Displays, and announced future models. However it seems that LCDs are not so good for 3D viewing. In fact Plasma (and OLED) TVs are much better. LCDs has problems with fast switching of photos, and there's "crossover" between the left and right image. OLEDs is even faster and better than Plasma, and is said to be the best way to view 3D. Both Sony and Samsung have unveiled new OLED 3D TV prototypes in CES.

Sony 24.5-inch 3D OLED prototype

If consumers will actually be interested in 3D TVs at home (nobody is sure about that yet...) than this might be great chance for OLED TVs. OLEDs will look better and have a real advantage over LCDs, and consumers might be willing to pay more for a high-end 3D TV.

Posted: Jan 31,2010 by Ron Mertens