In August 2013, Visionox said they developed a 3.5" monochrome flexible AMOLED. Now the company announced that they developed a full-color 3.5" flexible AMOLED based on an LTPS backplane.

The panel is 3.5" inch in size (active area), 22 ?m thick and weighs less than 0.2 grams. The bending radius is less than 5 mm. Visionox said they developed several technologies to enable this panel, including a high transmittance transparent cathode, a new flexible thin encapsulation and an efficient top emission OLED device structure. The company says that they expect to "transfer these technologies directly to industrialization in the future".

Of course we do not know what are Visionox's commercialization plans for flexible OLEDs. In August 2013 Visionox said that they started the construction of a new 5.5-Gen AMOLED mass production line. They expect to start production in the 2nd half of 2014.

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