Veeo launches transparent 30" and 55" OLED monitors with a behind-the-screen camera

US-based Veeo announce a new display called the T30, that is based on a transparent OLED panel with a behind-the-display camera. The T30 is a monitor that enables video communication with an aligned user line of sight.

The T30 is offered in two models, 30" and 50", both based on LG's transparent WOLED panels. Veeo will announce the price of its transparent OLED monitor towards the end of 2023.


This is an innovative solution, but it seems to me that a standard OLED monitor with an under-the-OLED camera will offer a much simpler and lower-cost alternative. Hopefully we'll know more regarding the T30 by the end of the year.

Posted: Jul 03,2023 by Ron Mertens


I wonder whether Veeo has added some way to make the display look black if wanted. Some kind of electrochromic layer which needs to switch OFF when camera is ON. If there is no such solution foreseen, any bright thing behind the display, even a white wall, will disturb the image.