US DOE awards two OLED research projects and a $3 million production project to Moser Baer

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced the 7th round of SSL projects, totalling $15 million for OLED and LED lighting research, product development and production projects. One of the two production projects is headed by Moser Baer. The DOE will give $2.9 million (and Moser Baer will add $1 million) to reduce the cost of manufacturing OLED lighting panels. Moser Baer's pilot production line in Canandaigua, NY will be used to demonstrate these manufacturing improvements.

Prototype OLED lamps by UDCPrototype OLED lamps by UDC

Moser Baer's pilot production line is built together with Universal Display and uses UDC's PHOLED technology. The project was already awarded $8.3 million by the DOE back in January.

The two other OLED programs were awarded to US univercities for OLED research. The first one goes to the University of Rochester and is aimed towards increasing the efficiency and light output of OLEDs by improving the device’s light extraction through the use of an internal scattering layer. This project's goal is to demonstrate increased light output that is closer to today’s traditional lighting products. The DOE awarded $1.2 million (out of $1.5 million).

The second project was awarded to Arizona State University. This project will demonstrate an efficient, stable white OLED using a single emitter. A single emitter may mean a simplified device structure which may prove to be cheaper to fabricate. The DOE awarded $664,000 (out of $835,000).

Here's the DOE document describing all the projects, including the LED ones.

Posted: Jun 09,2011 by Ron Mertens