The US DoE awards $3.3 million to PPG and OLEDWorks in two new OLED lighting projects

The US Department of Energy (DoE) awarded $10 million to five solid state lighting projects. Two of these projects are OLED lighting ones. The first project, worth $2.3 million, was awarded to PPG Industries. PPG will develop a cost-effective manufacturing process to help commercialize an integrated substrate (which includes the glass foundation and the other necessary layers).

PPG's project will use standard grade glass which should lower the cost (while maintaining the performance) compared to the high-end glass used in OLED today. This is PPG's second grant from the DOE. In January 2010, the DOE awarded $1.6 million to develop "Low-Cost Integrated Substrate for OLED Lighting". This program is now finished and PPG has been recognized by the DOE for significant achievements in advancing OLED lighting technology.

The DoE's second project, worth $1 million, goes to OLEDWorks, which will develop (and demonstrate) new high-performce deposition technology for OLED production which should lead towards low-cost production of OLED lighting panels. Two months ago OLEDWorks have completed its Series A funding round from private investors.

Posted: Jun 05,2013 by Ron Mertens