eMagin announced its BlazeTorch consumer sports enthusiast OLED night-vision goggles back in November 2016, with aims to release it by the end of 2017 for $999. According to the very-enthusiastic review below, the BlazeTorch is excellent - but eMagin hiked the price up to $1,699.

The BlazeTorch started shipping in 2017, although it is currently not available. The Price was supposed to be $999 but some reports suggest eMagin is increasing the price to $1,699. Hopefully eMagin will start shipping it again and we will update if and when they do.

The BlazeTorch features an SXGA (1280x1024) OLED Microdisplay, a sub-lux night-sensor, HD A/V recording on an SD card and a built-in IR illuminator. eMagin also offers the BlazeSpark which adds night-vision capabilities to your phone (without any display) and costs $299.99.



Price increase

I'm thinking eMagin may start going through resellers so they are raising the MSRP.

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