UBI Research estimates that in 2019 Flexible OLED shipments will reach 480 million units, overtaking rigid OLED shipments (409 million in 2019) for the first time. In a somewhat confusing PR, UBI seem to suggest that flexible OLED shipments will grow at a CAGR of 41% to reach 1.285 billion units (and $59.4 billion in revenues) in 2022.

Rigid vs flexible AMOLED shipments (2018-2022, UBI)

UBI also provides information on two specific market segments. Full-screen flexible OLED shipments will reach 265 million units in 2018 (a market-share of 82.1% of all flexible OLEDs). Full-screen OLED domination will continue in the future and in 2022 over a billion such displays will ship (market share of 79.5%).

Foldable OLED shipments (2018-2022, UBI)

Foldable OLED shipments will begin in 2019 with 5 million units, and this market segment will grow to 53 million units by 2022. UBI sees fast growth for foldable displays, but does not see these displays take over the market - at least not in the next 5 years.

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