Thinking back to the end of 2008...

I just finished writing a post on OLEDs for the Holidays season and it got me thinking back to the end of 2008. People often complain that OLEDs are always '2-3' years away. And it seems that at least with regard to OLED TVs - they are right.

But when you consider AMOLEDs for mobile devices - you see how much OLEDs have advanced in one year.  In December 2008, only the N85 was available in the US, with its 2.6" AMOLED. Today? there are dozens of Samsung phones with larger AMOLED displays (up to 3.7"), most of them touch-sensitive, too. There are also AMOLED phones from Sony Ericsson, LG, Nokia, HP and others. In face Samsung are currently making 2 million panels a month - and have to work 24h a day to meet demand.

With A/V players, it's the same story. If in 2008 you had to choose between the iRiver SPINN and the Cowon, today there are many more model today- including the high-end Sony X series and the Zune HD

It'll be interesting to see how 2010 ends!

Posted: Dec 03,2009 by Ron Mertens


I for one am hoping that OLED catches on more as time goes along (and prices for them get cheaper).