Germany's tesa, one of the world's leading manufacturers of self-adhesive tapes, launched a new barrier adhesive tape for OLED encapsulation bonding, suitable for flexible panel production.

The new barrier adhesive tapes are transparent transfer barrier tapes that feature the company's DrySeal liner technology (which enables extreme drying of barrier adhesive). This realizes an immediate and direct encapsulation of OLED materials over the full surface without initial degradations caused by water-vapor.

There are two tapes available, one is 50 um thick and the other 25 um thick. tesa says that those tapes provide a highly effective barrier (in x,y-direction) against oxygen and water-vapor, while still remaining flexible and highly transparent.

tesa says that the main applications of these new tapes are OLED encapsulation bonding and cover substrate mounting such as barrier films or glass. The company is specifically targeting flexible OLED applications.

tesa revealed to us that this new OLED barrier tape is actually the company's 3rd-generation barrier tape. The company's tapes are already being used by some OLED display makers in Asia, and the company is also working with OLED lighting makers. Only now the company is officially launching this as a public product.

Those barrier tapes are delivered in rolls and packed in sealed Aluminum bags. The company says they are perfectly applicable for rigid-rigid and also roll-to-roll processes.



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