Tanvas demonstrates a haptic-enabled flexible AMOLED display

Solid-state haptic developer Tanvas has collaboration with a "leading display maker" to produce a prototype flexible AMOLED display that incorporates the company's TanvasTouch haptic layer, which provides tactile textures and haptic effects.

Tanvas explains that its surface haptic technology uses proprietary haptic technology to enable tactile textures and effects to be felt as the fingers swipe across the surface of the display. Unlike traditional vibration-based haptics that require actuators to move mass, TanvasTouch is a solid-state solution that can provide different haptic effects simultaneously in multiple zones on the same surface.

The prototype display is a 12.1" flexible AMOLED display. The flexible Tanvas touch/haptic sensor is made using PET films with metal mesh for Tx and Rx and ITO for Hx. THe company says it is the first ever to demonstrate haptic technology that is proved to work on flexible screens without adding mechanical complexity or thickness to the stack.

Posted: Feb 26,2022 by Ron Mertens