Synaptics launches a new fingerprint sensor that works under an OLED screen

Synaptics unveiled a new fingerprint sensor called Clear ID that can be placed under the OLED display of a smartphone and can be used to unlock a device in under seven milliseconds - on par with regular fingerprint sensors.

Synaptics Clear ID OLED fingerprint sensor photo

The Clear ID sensor can be placed under any part of the OLED screen (which will have to direct the user to place the fingerprint in the right location). Clear ID works with both rigid and flexible OLEDs - and can even work underwater and on displays that are covered with a screen protector.

Synaptics say that they are already working with major smartphone makers to adopt this sensor in "bezel-free" phones in early 2018.

In June 2017 Qualcomm announced an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor technology that can also be fitted under OLED displays.

Posted: Dec 13,2017 by Ron Mertens