Super AMOLED Plus updates

Update: It turns out that the new manufacturing process that is discussed here is LITI (currently they use FMM). More details here!

We've got some interesting updates about Samsung's upcoming Super AMOLED Plus displays. We know that Samsung said that the new displays feature 50% more sub-pixels, and today we confirmed that Samsung no longer uses Pentile matrix in the new displays - which is great news - they are using regular RBG. Samsung's new manufacturing process allows them to reach over 300ppi - which is comparable to the iPhone 4 "Retina Display" (which features 326ppi).

Samsung Super AMOLED Plus display

The last bit of information is regarding the OLED materials - it turns out that Samsung aren't using a Green Phosphorescent material yet. The Super AMOLED Plus displays (like the first-gen Super AMOLED) use just a Red Phosphorescent with a Green and Blue Fluorescents.

Posted: Jan 20,2011 by Ron Mertens