Sumitomo expects demand for PLED materials to increase, aims to ramp-up its OLED business

Sumitomo Chemical announced that the company expects demand for polymer OLED materials will increase as large-area OLED displays are entering into the market. Sumitomo hopes that its OLED materials will become the standard for large-area OLED production.

JOLED 4K prototype OLED Monitor (July 2017, Japan)

The address this next phase in its OLED business, Sumitomo has decided to integrate its PLED Business Planning office into its IT-related Chemicals Sector, which will enable it to ramp up its OLED materials business through integrated operations with its IT-related Chemicals Sector, which handles display-related materials.

Sumitomo 2019-2021 PLED material performance and forecasts (March 2019)

Sumitomo is supplying P-LED emitters to JOLED since 2019, and these are used in JOLED's commercial medium-sized OLED panels. Sumitomo is also a shareholder in JOLED.

Posted: Mar 01,2021 by Ron Mertens