Sterrix patents an OLED 3D autostereoscopic display using a resolution 100 times higher than HD

Germany's Sterrix Technologies has filed a family of patents for a new OLED based 3D auto stereoscopic (no glasses) display. The resolution of this display will be 100 times higher than HD images, which can be used to create more than 100 perspective at the same time - allowing for smooth 3D images from any viewing angle and any distance. The display has over 1000 cores (inline processors), needed to create those perspectives.

This display uses a new pixel structure which on one hand consists of colored pixels, and on the other hand consists of pixels, which are adapted to the anatomy of the human eye by presenting additional image information. Through those pixels it’s easier for the human brain to internally generate the spatial image, which makes it more relaxing viewing 3D images and videos on the display.

Sterrix Technologies is currently negotiating with a number of cooperation partners for licensing the technology, and are already developing the prototype.

Posted: Jul 07,2010 by Ron Mertens