Sony: we're committed to OLEDs TVs, it's the "next display technology"

Sony has been talking to TechRadar, and saying that they are completely committed to OLEDs. They see OLEDs as the next display technology.

Sony 21 OLED prototype photoSony 21-inch OLED prototype

Sony however thinks that it'll take a few years (at least) for OLEDs TVs to surpass LCD TVs. Sony want to 'slowly cultivate' their OLED technology - they plan to deliver 'new lifestyle ideas and applications' using OLEDs.

Sony are rumored to be releasing their next-generation OLED TV (The XEL-2?) at IFA 2009. It will be bigger than the XEL-1, at 21" or 27".

Posted: May 08,2009 by Ron Mertens