Sony logoSonyInsider has interviewed Stan Glasgow, Sony Electronics' USA president and COO. He said that while Sony are working on all sorts of OLED TV prototypes (for example the 24.5" 3D OLED TV shown at CES), he doesn't think there's gonna be a new product in 2010. Because the prices will be too high. Here's the relevant interview bit:

Can we expect any new OLED televisions from Sony in 2010?

We’re working on all sorts of prototypes, but I don’t see production of product in 2010. There’s a wonderful 3D OLED prototype here at CES; that’s the real way to do 3D and TV – because you’ve got direct transmission, rather than back lighting and all the other reflective ways of doing it. But getting it to be commercially reasonable in price, we’ve got a long way to go. That’s the whole problem in OLED, great technology, great feature set, but it’s really hard to get the costs down. Smaller form-factors are easy to do.