Sony announces the Trimaster EL professional OLED monitors (17" and 25")

Update: We found a nice video showing the new monitors, see below

Back in January we reported that Sony plans to release new professional OLED monitors - and they finally did so today. The Trimaster EL series offers two sizes - 17" (BVM-E170) and 25" (BVM-E250).  The monitors offer hyper-accurate color reproduction and 'perfect' image quality without motion blur due to the OLED's fast response time. The display support HDMI, DisplayPort, 3G-SDI, SD-SDI and HD-SDI. The monitors are thin - 148mm in depth.

These monitors aren't cheap: the BVM-E250 will be released in Japan in May 2011 for 2.5 million yen ($30,000) and the BVM-E170 will be released in July for 1.3 million yen ($15,000). It's only about 10% more than Sony's equivalent LCD monitors. Here's a nice video showing the two new monitors also discussing the state of the OLED industry:


Posted: Feb 16,2011 by Ron Mertens


haa! :D I want too 25" OLED  monitor! I'm very happy for CRT monitor 21" Samsung 1100P Plus but sorry, my CRT 21" may be broken for the coming months or few years because they still lack an OLED display to date unknown or OLED is still too expensive.

HELP to OLED monitor (for PC)!!!!! ;)

I live in Porto, Portugal.

NOTE: I do not like any LCD. Support for the OLED 25" for the cheap price (max. € 1,000).