Some more details on Home Depot's Acuity Brands OLED lighting launch

A few days ago we reported that Home Depot now offers two OLED luminaire families from Acuity Brands - with prices starting at $199. This is exciting these are the cheapest OLED luminaires ever on offer, and these are the first OLED lamps ever to be offered in such a retail channel - and we've got some more information from Acuity Brands.

Acuity reveals that the Aedan and Chalina were both designed exclusively for the Home Depot (even though the designs resembles two of Acuity Brands' own OLED Luminiares, the Nomi and the Revel). Those OLEDs are currently available at Home Depot's online store and also at their store in Woodstock Georgia (not sure if they have plans to intrdoduce it to more stores).

The two lumiaire families are the Aedan (2-panels, $199) and the Chalina ($299) - both can come in either a wall-mount configuration or a pendant. The panels feature a color temperature of 3000K and lifetime of 40,000 hours. Each panel outputs 68 lumens.

Posted: Nov 30,2014 by Ron Mertens