On Sidtek's OLED microdisplays status and plans

China-based Semiconductor Integrated Display Technology, or SidTek, is an OLED microdisplay developer established in 2016. The company has recently started to produce OLED microdisplays on 8-inch silicon wafers, at its first production line located in the Chenhongda industrial park, in Wuhu, Anhui province, China.

Sidtek 2022 product line photo

Sidtek currently produces three display types in production

  • 0.39" 1024x768 full-color
  • 0.61" 800x600 or 1280x1024 full-color and monochrome
  • 0.97" 1400x1050, monochrome




Sidtek also developed 1.03" displays, and other types which will enter production soon. The company's roadmap includes displays up to 2-inch in size, suitable for high-end AR/VR applications.

The company's 8-inch wafer line is just its first planned fab. The company is also building a second, larger fab that will produce microdisplays on 12-inch wafers, with a monthly capacity of 18,000 wafers (double that of Seeya's 12-inch wafer line). The fab is expected to start mass production by December 2023.

Sidtek production center render (Wuhu City, Anhui)

Sidtek is also developing microLED technologies, and plans to complete its first R&D microLED microdisplay production line by September 2022.

Sidtek is mostly focused on the Chinese market, but in recent months it has started to look for global customers. Check out more information over at the OLED Marketplace, or contact us now.

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Posted: Feb 04,2022 by Ron Mertens