The Shiftall MeganeX are lightweight VR glasses that feature 1.3" 120Hz 2560x2560 OLED microdisplays and achieve an ultra-compact form and weight (250 grams). The display is likely to be made by Kopin and LakeSide Optoelectronics, and if so features Kopin's double-stack OLED architecture.

Shiftall MeganeX photo

The MeganeX is based on a Snapdragon XR1 chipset and also supports SteamVR via a USB connection.

It is likely that Shiftall (a subsidiary of Panasonic that specializes at quick development and small-volume production) will not produce a large number of these. The company plans to ship the MeganeX globally for under $900 in the spring of 2022.

OLED type: 

1.3" 120Hz 2560x2560 OLED microdisplays

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