Sharp developed a new LCD backlighting unit (BLU) that improves the displays color gamut. The new BLU enables a 90% NTSC color gamut - without sacrificing the brightness. The new BLU is based on a blue LED with new green and blue phosphors. Below you can see an LCD with the new BLU (right) next to a conventional Sharp LCD.

Sharp blue LED with phosphors BLU image

Sharp usually uses a BLU made of blue LED and yellow phosphors, which achieves 72% NTSC color gamut. Some of Sharp's LCD use a blue LED and red and green phosphors to achieve 83% NTSC gamut, but this lowers the brightness by 20%. 

Companies are trying to find new ways to increase the color gamut of LCD displays (one of the reasons is OLEDs inherent high color gamut). Several companies are developing quantum-dots phosphor films which achieve a color gamut quite close to OLEDs. Sony already ships some TVs and small LCDs (under the Triluminos brand) that utilize QDvision's QD films, while 3M partnered with Nanosys to commercialize their QDEF films.



you can see the backlight LED

you can see the backlight LED in the improved panel (At the bottom of the display). do you know the reason?



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