JDI demonstrates a foldable device based on two thin-bezel LCD displays

Japan Display developed a new foldable device concept that uses two thin-bezel LCD displays. JDI is working with a Chinese smartphone maker to introduce such a device in the summer of 2017.

JDI foldable LCD screen demonstration

To create those thin-bezel displays, JDI collaborated with Minebea and other companies to use a specially designed backlight and LCD panel.The frame is less than 1mm wide, which means that the gap between the two displays is less than 2mm.

This is a nice concept, although the experience it offers is far behind a truly foldable displays that will be of course totally seamless. In addition, such a display, when closed, will be much thicker as LCD displays are thicker than OLEDs.

Posted: Nov 20,2016 by Ron Mertens