SEL developed a hybrid OLED - reflective LCD display

Researchers from Japan's Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL) and Advanced Film Device developed a display that includes an OLED display on top of a reflective LCD. The idea is that such a display have high visibility in both a dark environment (using the emissive OLED) and a bright one (using the reflective LCD).

This is similar somewhat to transflective LCD displays and can prove to be a smart solution. The researchers say that the same FET layer is used to control both display devices and so results in a low-power device. The researchers will present this new development at SID DisplayWeek next month and hopefully we will bring more information.

In the past SEL developed several OLED innovations, including a 81" 8K tiled flexible OLED display and tri-folded OLEDs.

Posted: Apr 13,2016 by Ron Mertens


What will be the use case for this? OLED TVs are already bright enough and adding LCD means, you need backlight which destroys the perfect black of OLED.

This is meant for mobile devices, not TVs...

This has OLED pixels making light + LC to reflect light. No extra backlight.

Turn LC's to "not reflect" mode and the thingy is kind of like a normal OLED screen. Turn LC's to "reflect" mode and the thingy should produce similar results to a color e-ink or mirasol display. With possible additional illumination from OLED.

No need to burn through OLED lifetime trying to counter bright sun when you can achieve better contrast with lower power draw. Sounds excellent for all mobile devices and especially phones... if it works good.