It turns out that Samsung is OLED TV prototypes at their IFA booth, and two of these prototypes feature 4K panels. Those TVs are placed in one of the corners of the booth, and the staff at the booth says that while Samsung did not abandon OLED TVs, the company has no plans to release any OLED TVs "in the near future".

Despite reports to the contrary, we already know that Samsung isn't planning to release any OLED TVs soon. But it's still good to see OLED TVs being shown at trade shows. Samsung first unveiled 4K OLED prototypes at last year's IFA.

LG of course is much more advanced in its OLED TV production - and the company recently started accepting pre-orders for 4K OLED TVs (65" and 77") in Korea.



seen that in ifa. dobt think

seen that in ifa. dobt think its performance will be better than a hi-end lcd tv

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