Engadget reports that samsung is developing a new virtual reality headset. Samsung's headset (which will be similar to Oculus Rift's headset, seen below) will sport an AMOLED display, and will only work paired with a next-gen Galaxy phone (probably the Note 4) and tablet (hopefully the upcoming AMOLED ones).

Oculus Rift HMD prototype

Engadget doesn't have a lot of information - but according to them the OLED display will as good or better as the one used by Oculus. This isn't surprising as it was always likely that Oculus are using SDC's panels. In any case, Samsung is set to beat Oculus (and other players such as Sony) to the market and release this headset by the end of 2014.



when samsung is developing stuff

it just donest get the idea, that content comes first. and as far a i know, SDC doesn't apply any micro oled panels

These VR headset do not use

These VR headset do not use microdipslays. Oculus Rift for example uses a 7" panel (AMOLED, made by SDC)


You are so right! Bought their 58" Plasma in 08. Within a week it needed a replacement board because it was "clicking" and shutting off unexpectedly. Three years later it switches input source, dismisses remote cues other than channel and volume. Was so happy with their cell phone innovation and amoled 

development that I thought they're the new Sony! (figuratively). They are ignoring thousands of customers reporting similar issues. No surprise when you realize that is exactly what they are doing when they cram unrelated, inconsequential, immaterial, off-the-wall technologies, features, innovations and services into products without once questioning why! If they hadn't luckily stumbled upon the "phablet" or switched cell phone names from Omnia to Galaxy, they'd be heading into the sunset.

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