About four months after LG launched the world's first curved TV (the 55" 55EA9800 OLED TV), both Samsung and Sony launched curved LCDs - showing us that LCDs can also curve. Samsung actually announced two models, in 55" and 65". Both offer UHD (4K) resolution (and so Samsung proudly says these are the world's first curved UHD panels).

Sony S990A curved LCD photoSony S990A

Sony's S990A curved LED-backlit LCD is 65" in size, and "only" Full-HD. It features the color-enhancing Triluminos display technology (QDVision's Quantum-Dot films). Sony's TV is closer to market - in fact the company already accepts pre-orders in the US for $4,000. It will ship in late October 2013. Sony also showed the 4K 56" OLED TV protoype, which seems to be the same one shown at CES 2013:

Sony 56-inch 4K OLED TV prototypeSony 56-inch 4K OLED TV prototype

It seems to me that the curvature is more gentle in those LCD's compared to the curved OLEDs (but I'm not really sure). In any case, most people (and reviewers) actually prefer flat TVs to curved ones, but it seems that the LCD people had to prove a point here - showing how versatile LCD technology really is.

Samsung 65-inch curved UHD LCDSamsung 65-inch curved UHD LCD

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