Researchers from Yonsei University develop highly stretchable OLED devices

Researchers from Yonsei University developed a new OLED device that is highly stretchable. The researchers managed to build the entire device, including the substrate, conductive wires, electrodes and OLED layers, from stretchable materials.

Highly stretchable OLEDs (Yonsei University, March 2021)

The researchers say that this is the first time that the complete display device was produced from stretchable components, unlike previous efforts which have mainly focused on connecting small rigid OLED devices together to create a stretchable device.

Some sample materials chosen: a silicon rubber, a silver nanowires network on the rubber as anodes, and newly designed HTL and ETL materials. All the materials were deposited using soluble processes. The researchers report that the performance of the display remained good even after 200 stretch cycles. The OLED device was also subjected to high stretching tests (100 micrometer radius of curvature) and was not damaged and continued to work.

Posted: Mar 15,2021 by Ron Mertens


Its remarkable, the innovation seen in OLED tech - thanks to for keeping us informed!