Researchers suggest using a wearable blue OLED device to treat neonatal jaundice

Researchers from Korea's KAIST institute developed a fabric-based wearable patch that uses a blue OLED device to treat jaundice in newborns.

Blue OLED treatment for neonatal jaundice (KAIST)

The researchers say that phototherapy is the most widely used treatment for neonatal jaundice, as it is a safe and effective to transform the bilirubin that is accumulated in the body and release it. When the bilirubin concentration is too high, the doctors treat newborns with blue light in an incubator. The new device can be used to treat high levels of bilirubin, without the need for an incubator.

The researchers say that the blue OLED device that emits a wavelength of 470 nm, works at a low voltage and runs for over 100 hours.

Posted: Nov 23,2022 by Ron Mertens


UDC's phosphorescent blue, maybe?