Pugnale & Nyleve Volker OLED luminaire

The Volker OLED luminaire, designed by Italy's Pugnale & Nyleve, is a large chandelier that has multiple wires dropping from a mirror (stainless steel) top square. The Volker uses 16 Philips Lumiblade OLEDs (GL350, FL300 in the next edition).

Pugnale & Nyleve Volker OLED luminaire photo

The Volker (designed by architect and designer Susan Evelyn Schmidt) is 1.7 m tall and 1 sq meter at the base. The design is inspired by the geometry of the square and the contrast between full and empty, and (despite its large size) it expresses grace and sense of movement.

The Volker costs around €16,000 (just over $20,000).

OLED type:  

16 GL350/FL300 OLED panels

Posted:   Oct 03,2014 by Ron Mertens