PPML shows two new OLED Lighting designs

PPML (together with OSRAM) will show two new OLED design demonstrators at the Light+Building 2010 fair (April 11st, Frankfurt, Germany). The designs use standard ORBEOS OLED Lighting panels, and also new transparent panels (both made by OSRAM). The designs have been derived from concepts received under the OLED Design Contest (organized by the CombOLED project).


The first design is called mOvement (by the designer Marco Pezzoli) is using a modular cell to create personalized lighting scenarios that can be used by retail stores and museums for the exhibition of products and art objects under a non-conventional lighting scenario. This particular piece (shown above) uses 90 ORBEOS panels.


The second piece is called o-Frame (by designer Federica Del Ponte) and uses a transparent OLED for a "luxury object" showcase box. When the box is closed, the OLED is off (transparent) and you can look inside. When you open, it lights up.

Posted: Apr 02,2010 by Ron Mertens