Plastic Logic to bring tiled 42" OTFT flexible e-paper displays to the market

Plastic Logic developed a new OTFT-based flexible 42" e-paper (E Ink) display, made from 16 10.7" flexible panels tiled together. This display is thin (less then 3 mm) and very light. Plastic Logic will collaborate with Toppan printing to bring these new displays to the market.

Flexible E Ink panel by plastic logic

The two companies will find new applications in the signage market. This display can be hung like a poster, has very low power consumption (it's non-volatile and only requires power to change the image) and is readable outdoors. Apparently the first application will be used as information signs that can provide disaster-related information in an emergency situation where battery-operation is required.

Posted: Mar 05,2013 by Ron Mertens


A 12" x 9" touch display would be suitable to display one page of musical score.  A tiny camera along with the software tipically used to track eye movements in a smart phone,  could result in an upward scroll, which gradually presents the next page of the score.  Musical repeats would be implemented by duplicating repeat segments at the appropriate places in the score file.  The touch feature could be used to add or change finger notation, pedal symbols, "b", "#", natural symbol, etc..  Of course this ebook could be universal, except for colorful megazines.