Merck and FlexEnable developed a flexible plastic-LCD demonstrator

Merck and FlexEnable (which was spun-off from Plastic Logic just last week to take over all OTFT development) announced a new partnership to develop plastic-based LCD technology. The two companies say that plastic-based LCDs enables conformal (maybe bendable), light and unbreakable LCDs. Those new displays will be based on FlexEnable's OTFT backplanes.

FlexEnable and Merck plastic LCD demonstrator photo

The two companies report that they are in fact already collaborating and have reached an important milestone towards plastic LCDs and have developed a prototype in a very short timeframe. The IPS demonstrate combines the OFTF array with Merck's LC and organic semiconductor materials.

This project, which was funded by the EU's seventh Framework Program includes other partners such as the University of Stuttgart, plastic film supplier LOFO High Tech Film, Micro Resist Technology and backlight supplier Etkes and sons.

Posted: Feb 12,2015 by Ron Mertens