Pioneer establishes a new OLED lighting subsidiary

Pioneer announced it has established a new OLED lighting subsidiary (called Pioneer OLED Lighting Devices). The new company will take over Pioneer's OLED development and production. Pioneer is collaborating with Mitsubishi and is already producing OLED lighting panels (sold under the Verbatim brand).

POLD was launched with a capital of ¥200 million (about $2.1 million). Pioneer says that this new subsidiary will allow them to strengthen their OLED lighting program - in preparation for the OLED lighting market launch in 2014.

Verbatim is almost sold out of its first-gen color-tunable OLED lighting panel design kit and they are getting ready to release the 2nd generation ones soon. In July 2012 we posted our hands-on review of Verbatim's color-tunable Velve OLED lighting panel kit.

Pioneer and Mitsubishi are developing a wet coating process for the light-emitting layers. Pioneer believes that they will be able to start OLED lighting panels mass production in 2014 based on soluble OLEDs and coating process, and this will enable them to lower the production cost.

Source: Pioneer

Posted: Feb 07,2013 by Ron Mertens