Philips launches a new FL300 OLED with a mirror finish

Philips announced a new OLED lighting panel, a FL300 variant with a mirror finish. The Brite FL300 wm is not as bright as the regular FL300 (190 lumens only). The panel has an active area of 102x102 mm, and is 1.8 mm thick. The efficiency is 26-30 lm/W, the lifetime is 10,000h (LT70 at 190lm) and the color temperature is either 2,500K or 4000K.

Philips Brite FL300 wm photo

Philips will start shipping the new panel on February 16th, and the price will be between €136 to €156, depending on the integration level (bare OLED or with cables and frame).

Philips recently announced plans to spin-off its OLED activity - and the company is searching for a buyer for its whole OLED business. It's great to see Philips still releasing new OLED panels.

Posted: Feb 04,2015 by Ron Mertens