PETEC LACE (OLED/OPV prototyping line) shown on video

UK's Printable Electronics Technology Center (PETEC) recently launched their OLED/OPV prototyping line called LACE. The LACE is suitable for processing both air sensitive and non air sensitive material sets for the production of devices on a range of substrate sizes up to 200mm square.

LACE provides capability to materials companies, device designers and end users the opportunity to optimize their technologies within a fully automated, controlled environment. The system was built by Mbraun (who just recently released three videos showing their OLED processing equipment).

PETEC says that the system offers the user the following advantages:

  • Cassette-cassette batch operation (up to 20 substrates)
  • Capability to run 4", 6", 8" substrate sizes
  • Full system data logging for maximum data traceability
  • Full robotic handling to minimize manual intervention, maximizing product yield
Posted: Jul 29,2011 by Ron Mertens