Panasonic MZ2000

Panasonic's MZ2000 flagship 2023 TV offer 55-inch, 65-inch or 77-inch 4K 120hz WOLED panels, HCX Pro AI processor, improved Filmmaker mode, Dolby Atmos, HDMI 2.1, AMD Freesync and more.

The 55-inch and 65-inch models adopt LG's latest META (microlens array) technology for increased brightness (over 2,000 nits) and Panasonic's own multi-layer heat management system.

Panasonic did not yet reveal the availability of prices of its 2023 MZ2000 TV range.

OLED type:   55" / 65" / 77" 120Hz 4K WOLED
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Posted:   Jan 05,2023 by Ron Mertens