Panasonic expects to ship consumer and professional OLED TVs in 2014

Panasonic recently cancelled their OLED TV joint-development project with Sony, so Panasonic's OLED plans aren't clear. The company showed six 55" curved OLED TV prototypes at CES, and according to an article in the USA Today, Panasonic does have some ambitious OLED projects.

So first of all Panasonic officials claimed that consumers should expect new panasonic OLED displays in stores in 2014. This is very interesting and hopefully Panasonic will give more details soon. Panasonic also plans to provide professional OLED displays for production, signage and security systems.

Until we know for sure, I'll assume Panasonic's still using AUO produced Oxide-TFT backplanes and Sumitomo's P-OLED materials (deposited in a printing process) and a direct-emission architecture.

Posted: Jan 09,2014 by Ron Mertens