Panasonic confirms they are developing OLED TVs, hopes for 2012 release

Panasonic's president Fumio Ohtsubo says that Panasonic is indeed developing an OLED TV, and hopes to release it in 2012. In fact Panasonic hopes they won't be "too late" in this market. Last month it was reported that Panasonic is working on an 8.5-Gen Pilot R&D line.

Back in 2009, Panasonic teamed up with Sumitomo to jointly-develop OLED TVs, based on Sumitomo's PLED materials and technology. We haven't heard anything about this collaboration since, so we do not know whether Panasonic will attempt to produce SM-OLED or P-OLED based TVs.

Panasonic is also working towards OLED lighting and has teamed up with Idemitsu Kosan to estalish PIOL, which is already offering OLED panels. But Panasonic seems to be quite behind both Samsung and LG Display, it will be interesting to see how they plan to release OLED TVs so soon.

Posted: Jan 11,2012 by Ron Mertens