OSRAM extends the Orbeos family with two new OLED panels

OSRAM announced two new Orbeos OLED lighting panels - a rectangular and a round panel, both are mirrored and warm-white in color. The original Orbeos panel was also round and warm-white in color, but was not mirrored (but rather "diffused"). The new panels are also thinner then before (1.8mm vs 2.1 in the older panel). Here's our hands-on review of the original Orbeos panel.

So now Osram offers 3 panels:

  • CDW-031 is the original warm-white, diffuse white round panel. 79mm diameter, 2.1 thickness, 24 grams.
  • CMW-031 is the new round mirrored white panel, also 79mm diameter and 1.8 thick, 23 grams.
  • RMW-046 is the new mirrored white rectangle - 132x48mm, 1.8mm thick, 22 grams.

OSRAM says that you can integrate the new panels into a mirror so when turned off, it's impossible to detect the transition from the mirror to the OLED. They call this an 'embedded panel'.

Posted: Feb 26,2011 by Ron Mertens